Stelfast® Partners with INxSQL

INxSQL Software Offers Direct Connect Access to Stelfast®

Does your fastener business run on INxSQL Software? Did you know that INxSQL interfaces in real time with Stelfast®? The Stelfast® Direct Connect allows customers to check stock and pricing at every one of our eight locations using your part number. With a click of the Direct Connect button, you will get instant, real-time inventory levels and accurate pricing. Using INxSQL software, our customers can request and save quotes and place purchase orders with a single transaction directly from within INxSQL Software. When your purchase order is placed, an order appears immediately in Stelfast's system as a sales order.

How do I get started? First, contact your Stelfast® sales representative and we will walk you thru the process. After a simple registration, INxSQL will contact you to setup your system. Behind the scenes, we will cross reference your part number to our part number and INxSQL will help you load. If you have trouble matching your part number to ours, Fastener's Clearing House searches are available.

Contact your Stelfast® Sales Representative to Get Started.

DC Screenshot Click to see the Stelfast® Direct Connect.