Stelfast Difference

Commercial Services

The Stelfast Team is what sets us apart. Our people value and understand the needs of our customers and that relationship commonly evolves into a life-long partnership. The Stelfast culture fosters an environment that empowers our team to provide the best service experience possible. We invest heavily in the training and development of our team members. The expert knowledge acquired by our dedicated employees is not only shared with our customers, but passed down to newer team members. All of us that work at Stelfast are considered to be family and are here to provide Service you deserve from People you trust!

Our expanding inventory and valued added programs including Mill Orders, Direct Mill Orders, Stock & Release Orders and Specials per Print orders allow our customers to not only manage their inventory, but secure business. We also have accessibility to a wide range of secondary processing, supplementary inspections, packaging and PPAP's. We listen to what our customer's requests are and we do our best to add products that they need to flourish.